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The wines of Maison Olivier Tricon are the fruit of an encounter between exceptional “terroir“ and ancient savoir-faire that is constantly being perfected and enriched. The vines draw their mineral energy from deep in the marl limestone. The famous Kimmeridgean rock below them is what gives Chablis wines their pure, crystalline character. The typical features of Kimmeridgien are very hard, compact layers of limestone alternating with softer layers of argillaceous marl containing fossilized marine organism (shells). The Chardonnay grape, the traditional white varietal of the Burgundy winegrowing region, faithfully translates the nuances of each plot in the estate.



The experience of Maison Olivier Tricon comes from deep roots in the vineyard and technical knowledge of agricultural soils. It is the desire to meet the needs of its customers that pushes Maison Tricon to expand its range and reinvent itself through an ever more qualitative approach. Making a good wine starts in the vineyard: our vines are managed using sustainable agriculture methods which at all times entail a deep respect for the environment, for our clay and limestone soil, rich in the Kimmeridge clay which confers all of our wines’ identity on them. The Chardonnay grape variety experiences here, in this stony ground, difficult growing conditions, which thus gives rise to small yields and a strong concentration of flavours. The wine-making is carried out either in stainless steel vats to produce the crisp refreshing taste characteristic of Chablis wines, or, as regards Grands Crus, in oak barrels. In both cases, a special pressing procedure, low-temperature fermentation, long vinification periods, and bottling twelve to eighteen months following harvest characterise the estate. Our expertise also lies in the selection of the best juices. The entire bottling process is managed by us on our site in Chablis, which guarantees fast delivery to our customers.

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